Weekend shift

Jan Baelemans

Weekend shift

Ik waarschuw van te voren. Het dreigt een beetje eentonig te worden.

Zaterdag 26 januari 2013. 14.30 uur.

Ring ring. "Hello" "Hello this is Frank calling you from the technical service centre." "Hello, do you work on a saterday?" "Yes" "Oh you poor man!" "We are calling you because you have some virusses and malicious software on your computer." "Thanks man, that is the best news I've heard in weeks." "Why is that, sir?" "Because I've just got divorced and my wife she took everything, house, car, kids and the computer. So if there are virusses and other creepy things on that, wow, my wife got a big problem." "Can I speak to her?" "No, she left me." "Can I have her phonenumber then?" "No she left the phone with me. Don't know if she has a new one yet."

tuut tuut tuut