Jan Baelemans


Heet van de naald, euh toetsenbord.

Woensdag 30 januari. 9.30 uur.

Ring ring.

"Hallo met Jan." "Hello we are calling you from the MacIntosh department for your computer. Is this mister Becker?". "No sorry." "But we received message from MacIntosh about your computer." "That's not possible, I don't have a computer." "You don't have a computer?" " No, I hate those damned things. Always filled with virusses and malicious software." "But sir, we received message form MacIntosh!" "Well. maybe you have virusses and malicious software on your computer! You shoudn't use Apple. They are always giving errors and faults. You better start using Microsoft. That's much better!" "So you don't have a computer?" "No, and you also got the name wrong. Check your files and remove my number from it." "Jezus, you don't have a computer!"

Tuut tuut tuut "And I'm also not called Jezus" maar toen had hij al opgehangen.